You’re Hired! “Apprentice” Casting Coming to NYC

Open call at Trump Tower April 1

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Pete Kane,

The "Celebrity Apprentice" is a fine show, of course, but regular people need jobs, too.

So Donald Trump is bringing back the "Apprentice," and come April you could be one of a select few with the opportunity to hear those 2.5 special words: "You're hired!"

And with with the national unemployment rate still hovering around 10%, there could be no better time for the return of television's most compelling business competition.

The "Apprentice" will, once again, search the country for the best and brightest minds and from those who become final candidates, one winner will land the job of their dreams -- a one year contract with The Trump Organization on a six-figure salary.

On April 1 (no foolin') there will be an open call at Trump Tower, 725 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, running from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for New Yorkers who want to work for The Donald.

The first 500 people in line will receive a wristband and are guaranteed to be seen. Anyone who missed out will still be given a second chance to send an email and be considered.

Beyond the cut and thrust of the boardroom, The Apprentice will take a fresh approach to the search for employment. Winning project managers will enjoy one-on-one face time with Donald Trump, gaining unique career advice and an insight into his incredible world.

The revived ordinary-folks "Apprentice" will recruit competitors who have lost their jobs, are stuck with jobs they don't like, or have finished college with no offers in sight.

"The Apprentice" first aired in 2004 and is set to return in its refreshed edition this fall on NBC.

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