Angry Man Allegedly Plants Nails in Neighbors' Driveways

A frustrated man sought revenge on his neighbors in a unique manner: He planted nails at the ends of their driveways so their tires would bust whenever they pulled in or out.

Apparently he's been allegedly booby-trapping driveways since 2006, according to the Journal News. Four people – two in Stony Point and two in Haverstraw – have called in more than 40 complaints over the last two years.

Police are trying to stop this 60-year-old tire-buster once and for all. They set up video surveillance near the homes of the victims to nab him. Eventually, a Stony Point cop saw the suspect throwing nails into two of the victims’ driveways and busted him, according to the Journal News. Either way -- Michael Delisio was charged with 39 counts each of second-degree harassment, misdemeanor third-degree criminal tampering and fourth-degree criminal mischief, reported the Journal News.  

So what is this guy’s problem? Police aren’t sure, but they know he was ticked off.

"It appears he was angry about something because he kept it up for two years," Stony Point Lt. Brian Moore told the Journal News. "He had some type of connection with each of the victims."

Delisio is due back in court Feb. 5. In the meantime, the paper reported that protection orders were issued for at least two of the victims.

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