Car Spins Through Air, Crashes Down on Other Cars Stopped at Traffic Light

A 76-year-old driver may have suffered some sort of medical event when he crashed and went flying into the air, thudding back down onto vehicles stopped at a traffic light on a Long Island roadway, police said. 

The out-of-control Lexus slammed into nine other cars stopped at a red light on Route 110 northbound and Bentley Road in Amityville around lunchtime Tuesday, according to police. Surveillance video shows the car flying through the air before crashing down on the other vehicles. 

"It went airborne over my car and crashed in front of me," said Ashley Seales, who was among the drivers stopped at the light when she felt the sudden impact. 

Nine people were taken to the hospital, including the 76-year-old driver and another passenger who was hurt when a flying car part smashed through the rear of the SUV he was in and hit him in the shoulder.

Amazingly, no one was seriously hurt. 

"After everybody calmed down, after the ambulances left, you just look back and think, 'How did I just walk away from that?'" said Seales. 

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