New York

Adult Website Wants to Sponsor New York City Subway Stations

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said last month the MTA could take on private sponsors to improve subway stations ... but he may not have had porn websites in mind. 

RedTube, an adult site owned by Internet pornography juggernaut MindGeek, has sent the governor a note applying to be one of the new private station sponsors. Cuomo floated the idea in a speech as one way to attack the necessary repairs to the struggling system.

RedTube's double entendre-filled letter boasts that many of the site's 20 million daily users live in New York City. 

"We here at RedTube are eager lend a hand and give back to our loyal New York fans and would like to offficially submit our application for consideration to sponsor a subway station for an annual fee," the letter read in part.  

It was not clear whether the authorities intended to take the application seriously (and adult sites are well known for publicly stunts like this one).

Spokespeople for the governor's office were not immediately available to comment. 

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