Accused Child Molester at Kids' Birthday Party Flees Angry Parents, Plunges to Death: Police

A man allegedly molested young children at a kids' birthday party in Queens, and then tried to escape furious parents by leaping out the window, falling four stories to his death, according to police.

Edgar Collaguazo, 44, returned from work Wednesday evening to his Jackson Heights apartment, where he rented a room to a couple and their 6-year-old son, police said. The parents were throwing a birthday party for the boy, and Collaguazo, who was reportedly drunk, offered to take some of the children -- including the birthday boy, his 5-year-old cousin and another boy -- into his room to watch a movie so that the adults could socialize. 

The girl emerged from the room acting strangely, The Daily News reports, and the boy's father peeked into the room but saw nothing unusual. The 5-year-old girl later told detectives that she rushed out of the room because Collaguazo had kissed her and told her to keep quiet about it.

When the girl's mother looked in the room sometime later, she saw Collaguazo holding the boy on his lap, molesting him, police say.

The mother ran out of the room shrieking, and chaos broke out as the fathers at the birthday party started beating up Collaguazo, The Daily News reports. The relatives locked up Collaguazo in the room while waiting for police to arrive. 

When they opened the door shortly afterward, he was gone.

Police say the man either fell or leaped to his death. Surveillance video obtained by Telemundo-47 captured the deadly plunge. 

"If he didn't have a filthy mind, he'd simply stay and face the situation," the mother of the boy told The Daily News. 

Collaguazo was taken to Elmhurst Hospital and pronounced dead. Police say he has five prior arrests. 

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