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White Supremacy Signs Pop Up in Bellmore



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    A piece of one of the signs found in Bellmore.

    Nassau County Police are looking for three teenage boys who may have been responsible for posting offensive" white supremacist" stickers onto street signs and lamp posts in Bellmore Sunday night.

    Dave Mayo, a candy store owner saw one of the stickers being put on the stop sign outside his Bedford Avenue store. He says he was infuriated by what he saw, confronted the group and pulled down the sticker which read "White power." 

    "It was very disturbing, I had a rough night, said a visibly upset Mayo.

    Nassau County police say another sticker showed a Star of David with a vulgar hand gesture on top and a third sticker stated, "Don't blame me, I voted for Hitler." 

    This is the third similar type of incident in a month's time according to cops.

    Investigators don't believe there is an organized white supremacy group in the community, but they are concerned about the impact of such signage on the population at large.

    "It is very upsetting to people," said Detective Lt. Kevin Smith, who pointed out said the teens might not know the full implication of their actions.

    However, the law doesn't mince words on this. Police say they are investigating the case as aggravated harassment, a bias crime and punishable by more than a year in jail for those 16 and older.

    "This is a great community and we don't need that here," said Chrystal DeBobes, a Bellmore parent, who said she wasn't necessarily surprised by the offensive stickers, but very disappointed.