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White Plains Mayor Arrested, Again



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    Westchster DA
    White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley

    White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley was arrested today in connection to the assault investigation involving his wife, Fumiko Bradley.

    It was second arrest of the year.

    This time, he was charged with witness tampering, contempt and harassment. Mayor Bradley is accused of violating an order of protection issued following his first arrest on February 28, according to a criminal complaint.

    It also alleges that Bradley on several occasions confronted his wife and left her shaking and crying.

    The criminal complaint says on March 5th Mayor Bradley told his wife to check herself into a mental hospital and to say she was crazy or say that she lied in a statement to police and go to jail. He allegedly said that would save him and his career.

    Then five days later, while his wife was at home sleeping, Bradley allegedly woke her up and yelled at her while she was lying in bed: "You did it, you lied; it's your fault."

    Later that month, there was another alleged verbal dispute in the bathroom. According to prosecutors, Bradley disrupted his wife's shower and started yelling at her despite her requests for him to wait until she could dry off.

    The Westchester District Attorney's Office is moving forward with their case, despite a decision by Bradley's wife last month to not prosecute her husband.

    The new charges -- two misdemeanors and a violation -- will be added to the others the mayor is already facing as part of the original assault investigation.