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Union Official Calls MTA Chief a 'Doody-Head'

Aren't you glad you left London for New York?



    Union Official Calls MTA Chief a 'Doody-Head'
    Jay Walder didn't respond to the "doody-head" comment.

    The new MTA chief, a Queens native fresh from London, got a distinctly New York, welcome-home today .

    At Jay Walder's first board meeting since being named CEO and Chairman of the MTA Oct. 5, a union official expressed his dissatisfaction with MTA staff cuts, through a comment reminiscent of lunch room food fights.

    "I think you people are so detached from reality because you don't use the system," Andreeva Pinder, an official with Transport Workers Local 100 said from the public speaking podium, the Daily News reported. "You guys are just a bunch of doody-heads."


    Walder, who may have been questioning his decision to return to the Big Apple, didn't respond to the comment.

    Pinder's beef pertains to MTA staff cuts, which some argue will create safety concerns for riders.

    Walder said after the meeting, that staff presence will continue to be felt in all stations.

    No one received detention.