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Threat of Hurricane Bill Closes Beaches



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    You can build sandcastles, but you'll have to stay out of the water.

    Some New York City beaches have been closed to swimming because of the threat of Hurricane Bill.

         Parks officials said today that swimming at Rockaway, Coney Island, Manhattan, Midland, Wolfe's Pond and South beaches is temporarily banned.
    Weather experts say although the Category 3 hurricane is hundreds of miles away in the Atlantic Ocean, high waves, rip currents and heavy surfs have been seen along East Coast beaches.
    The hurricane is expected to pass on Saturday about 200 miles west of Bermuda.
    Parks officials say the ban at the beaches in Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island could remain in effect through the weekend. They say the city's swimming pools and spray showers are cool alternatives.

    The Coast Guard is urging area residents to listen up.

    "If your going to the waterfront, heed the warnings," said Senior Chief Petty Officer Brian Avelsgard, the command duty officer at the Coast Guard's Fifth District Command Center. He also warned boaters, "pay attention to the weather. Let people know where you are going, when you are going to be back, how to get in touch with you and have a properly registered 406 EPIRB."

    Dangerous Rip Currents Courtesy Of Hurricane Bill

    [NY] Dangerous Rip Currents Courtesy Of Hurricane Bill
    The Coast Guard is warning swimmers and boaters to be extremely careful when entering the water this weekend. Hurricane Bill is really churning up the Atlantic. If you don't follow their may get churned up yourself!
    (Published Friday, Aug. 21, 2009)