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Family of Girl Shot on Staten Island Fears Returning Home



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    Samyah Bailey, seen before she was shot last week, which caused her to lose an eye.

    The 1-year-old girl shot in the face last week as she sat in her stroller has left the hospital, but her family says they are too afraid to return to their home in the Staten Island apartment complex where she was hit by gunfire.

    Samyah Bailey and her family are staying with relatives in the meantime. The little girl lost an eye in the shooting, for which police have arrested a suspect.

    Jayvon Williams, a friend of the Bailey family, also lives in the Arlington Terrace Apartments.

    "It's an unsafe facility. We don't want to live here," Williams said. "I understand why that man doesn't want to be here. His daughter was shot in the face."

    The complex does have security, but many people who live there say it does little good.

    Another resident, Ada, who has lived there for more than 10 years, says the security that works there rarely intervenes.

    "It's to my understanding, in terms of security, if they see an incident take place they can't intervene, they can only call 911. And with that said, if they can't intervene, they shouldn't be here, " she said.

    The spokesman for the Staten Island District Attorney says they are working to help relocate the Bailey family as quickly as possible, and in the meantime taking steps to keep them safe.