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First Lady Michelle Page Paterson: Lay Off My Man



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    Michelle Paige Paterson said she enjoys campaigning on public health issues but doesn't like petty politics.

    David Paterson's wife is fed up that her husband has been characterized in the media as a dysfunctional manager.  
    Not to mention the way SNL has ganged up on him like a bunch of third graders.

    Now Michelle Paige Paterson is striking back on behalf of her man. 

    "David is in charge," she told The Daily News in an interview on Sunday. "He was the first to come out and recognize the fiscal crisis happening in New York, when many were calling him an alarmist." 

    New York's First Lady criticized the media for focusing on "frivolous" issues, which she termed "sad." She revealed that she has "pleaded" with friends to write newspaper letters bemoaning such "horrid" coverage.

    Governor Paterson was thrust into the limelight as Governor on March 17, 2008 when Eliot Spitzer resigned amid a prostitution scandal. After admitting early on that he and his wife had once cheated on each other, Paterson was dealt another embarrassment when his chief of staff resigned over an unpaid taxes issue.

    Most recent, Paterson has been criticized for the way he mishandled Caroline Kennedy's aborted would-be nomination to the U.S. Senate.      

    In confronting the criticism her husband has received, Michelle Paterson's face was said to be "twitching with anger" during The News interview.  

    But she said she still wants her husband to run for re-election despite all the drama.

    "You just learn to go with the flow," she said.