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NY Sees 'Unprecedented Surge' in Registration Before Presidential Primary



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    If young and first-time voters go to the polls in large numbers, they could be a force to be reckoned with. Melissa Russo visits some high schools Friday where students are reveling in the right to vote for the first time. (Published Tuesday, March 22, 2016)

    More than 20,000 first-time voters have registered with New York state in what state officials are calling an "unprecedented surge" of voter interest ahead of the state's April 19 presidential primary.

    Nearly 41,000 individuals filed online voter registration applications between March 10th and 20th. The online registration system set a record on Friday with almost 14,000 registration applications received.

    Voters must register by March 25 in order to participate in the primary.

    The online system also allows users to change their address. It's operated by the state's Department of Motor Vehicles, which sends registration materials to local boards of election.