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New Hikes Drive DMV Fees Through the Roof

Highway robbery: MTA surcharge boosts driver charges



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    Traffic moves on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway near the enterance to the Brooklyn Bridge. The DMV is setting up a two-tiered system for fees based on whether the MTA wants to screw you over or not.

    Maybe you hate the MTA and its ridiculous fare hikes so much that you say to yourself, "you know what, I'm going to get a license and start driving everywhere -- down with the subway!"

    Well, joke's on you when you get down to the Department of Motor Vehicles, because, after waiting on lines of Stygian dimensions, you will have to pay exorbitantly higher fees -- thanks to the MTA.

    The loftier prices for driver's licenses went into effect Tuesday: Statewide, the fee jumped from $50 to $64.50. But lucky residents of New York City and other counties served by the MTA get to pay an extra $16 surcharge -- bringing the total to $80.50, a 61 percent increase over last year.

    And while registration fees for a typical passenger vehicle jumped from $44 to $55. NYC drivers, however, must fork over an extra $50 surcharge, for a whopping total of $105 -- a 139 percent increase!

    The fee hikes were approved by the clowns in the state legislature in May (just before the state senatemeltdown) to help the MTA close a $1.2 billion shortfall.