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NYPD Horse Allegedly Bites Jersey Woman



    NYPD Horse Allegedly Bites Jersey Woman
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    We've heard of police brutality before, but this latest case is a horse of a different color

    A New Jersey woman is suing the city for permanent injuries she allegedly received after a "ferocious" attack by a member of the NYPD named "Mr. Biggs."

     The attacker, "who bit her on the forearm," is a police horse in the Mounted Unit, according to Dineen Rudd, and it happened after a human police officer allowed the curious horse to approach her outside of Porky's in midtown. That's when, she says, the horse chomped down.

    A City Law Department told the Post that officials have yet to receive legal papers in the case, so at this point, it's Rudd's word versus the horse's. She contends the officer should've had control of the horse because of its "propensity to attack and bite human beings."

    We've left a salt block and a few carrots outside the precinct but have yet to hear back from Mr. Biggs for a comment.