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Queen Frostine: The Ladies of Mister Softee

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    Inspiring Stories of Hope
    A Mister Softee truck dishes out creamy goodness in ice cream friendly Brooklyn.

    The recession has taken its toll on the Bogart Street gallery, Ad Hoc Art. In a letter to supporters, Garrison Buxton writes with the news that they'll be closing their popular Bushwick space, but look forward to a new spot in Vermont. [Animal]

    The ladies behind a handful of Mister Softee trucks have joined hands in a new collective made up of female ice cream truck drivers called Queen Frostine. [Midtown Lunch]

    An owner of a bar that's gotten some negative community feedback recently takes questions of EV Grieve. And it appears to have worked in his favor, with one commenter writing yesterday, "thanks for being a good neighbor." [EV Grieve]

    Enjoy this compilation clip of Glenn Beck's many impressions. [Gawker]

    A "graffiti-covered hippie truck" is selling Indian-made dresses from its parking spot outside of a Trader Joe's in Brooklyn. [McBrooklyn]

    What do you do with your restaurant's equipment after it closes its doors? Craigslist fire sale! [Eater]