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New Rochelle Police Searching for Chihuahua Killer

Man slams the Chihuahua's head against car door and drives off.



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    New Rochelle Police are looking for the suspect in Chihuahua killing. This is not the actual Chihuahua victim.

    The New Rochelle Police Department is searching for a man who brutally killed a small Chihuahua at a local service station.

    After getting gas at a Citgo station near Washington and Webster Avenues, the suspect smashed the head of the Chihuahua against his car door around 2:40 p.m. on Easter Sunday.

    Captain Joseph Schaller of the New Rochelle Criminal Investigations Division told NBCNewYork that an employee of the service station witnessed the incident and alerted the police.

    “He said that he saw the man slam the car door on the dog’s head, leave the dog there lying in a pool of blood, and take off in a blue Acura MDX,” Schaller said.

    The witness reportedly did not see anything that led up to the incident.

    Police, who arrived and found the animal dead, believe the Chihuahua belonged to the suspect and are checking the area’s surveillance cameras.

    The dog’s remains were collected by the Humane Society.

    If captured, the suspect would face a felony charge under animal cruelty laws. He is described as a bald, light skinned black or Hispanic male, with tattoos on both arms.