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Jersey City Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Self

Bullet goes in and out of cop's stomach.



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    NBC New York

    A Jersey City police officer accidentally shot himself in the stomach Thursday night while on assignment in Elizabeth.

    Officer Jesse Soto was rushed to the trauma unit at University of Medicine and Dentistry Hospital in nearby Newark.

    Jersey City Police Lt. Edgar Martinez told NBC New York that "the bullet went in and out of his stomach, and it didn't hit any vital organs."

    Martinez was released shortly after midnight, about two hours after he was shot.

    Officials confirmed that the officer shot himself while providing perimeter security outside the home of a fugitive in Elizabeth.

    Authorities were trying to apprehend a woman who had skipped out on her carjacking trial earlier this week in Jersey City.

    She was identified as Latoya Campbell, and according to Schroeder, as marshals entered the building, she and a male subject "attempted to escape out a window." 

    Both were quickly caught.

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