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Sen. "Charges" Female Colleague in Hiram Meetings



    Sen. "Charges" Female Colleague in Hiram Meetings
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    Violence is not the answer, Sen. Parker.

    State Sen. Kevin Parker, already known for his hot temper, is taking some of the spotlight of Sen. Hiram Monserrate, who is up for expulsion from the chamber over his misdemeanor assault conviction.

    A report published today says  Parker "charged" toward a female colleague Tuesday night during several hours of  heated debate over whether to toss Monserrate from the chamber. 

    Parker, a Brooklyn Democrat made the aggression motion toward Staten Island Dem Diane Savino as the two engaged in a profanity-laced argument, the Daily News reported.

    Parker dropped several "f-bombs" and called Savino "a b----" as she tried to explain why Monserrate could be immediately expelled with Republican votes, the sources told the News.

    Parker apparently took issue with the idea that Republican opinion could be an issue in the matter.

    Three Monserrate supporters - Sens. Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn), Ruben Diaz Sr. (D-Bronx) and Carl Kruger (D-Brooklyn) - started yelling and egging Parker on, several sources said.

    Eventually Savino told Parker to stop interrupting her and that's when Parker turned a gentlemanly phrase, yelling "F--k you!"  Savino did miss a beat -- firing the same statement back -- and that's when Parker stormed at her, the source said.

    Parker was allegedly held back by Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson, the news said.

    Savino downplayed the incident yesterday, explaining she and Parker "exchanged some words."

    Parker in part earned his reputation as a hot-head after being accused of punching a photog.  The incident landed him in court.