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How Charlie Sheen Could Wind Up In Jail



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    Cops got quite an eyeful when they responded to a call of a disturbance at The Plaza Hotel early this morning: a drunken, and reportedly naked Charlie Sheen (inset top left) was discovered in a hotel room with porn star Capri Anderson (inset bottom right, photo via MySpace).

    Charlie Sheen may not be out of the woods, legally, following his recent dust up at the Plaza Hotel, legal sources tell

    The biggest thorn in his side could be Lindsay Lohan, of all people.

    Sheen currently has five days left on his probation for domestic abuse charges in Aspen, Colorado. Until now, the prosecutor there hasn’t shown much interest in the case in which Sheen reportedly trashed his hotel room at The Plaza in a cocaine and alcohol fueled episode on Monday.

    But sources tell that when compared to Lindsay Lohan, whose probation was revoked for much less, it could appear that Sheen is getting a free pass. The sources say the Aspen D.A. might be forced to investigate simply to maintain the integrity of his office.

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    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010)

    The woman who was in the room with Sheen when he went ballistic, porn star Capri Anderson, reportedly wants to tell her side of the story to the Colorado prosecutor.

     So far the Chief deputy D.A., Arnie Mordkin, has stayed mum on the topic.