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Heat Wreaking Havoc with Mass Transit



    Heat Wreaking Havoc with Mass Transit
    A New Jersey Transit train

    This week's high temperatures are now causing a myriad of problems for commuters in New York, New Jersey and beyond.

    At the Borough Hall subway station in Brooklyn rush hour travelers with disabilities found the heat was only the beginning of the day's woes.

    At this station and at the one at Altantic and Flatbush Avenues, no elevators or escalators were working during the morning rush.

    A spokesperson for the New York City Transit Authority says the agency was forced to shutdown elevator and escalator service after Con Edison cut back power to relieve some of the heat related stress on its power lines.

    But one woman at Borough Hall complained, "We in a wheelchair, how can we get around. I don't know how to get to 125th Street and I'm stuck."

    Another woman, walking with a cane, found herself forced to brave the stairs. "I have to try, I don't have another choice," she said.

    In Newark, New Jersey Transit commuters were facing a different heat related dilemma.

    That agency has cancelled nine trains after the prolonged heat caused some of its electric locomotives to shutdown.

    Amtrak is also warning its customers to expected delays on service between Boston, New York City and Washington, D.C.

    Because of the heat, trains are running at slower speeds.

    And in case of breakdowns, Amtrak has stocked its trains with extra water and has rescue locomotives at strategic locations.