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"Hackula" Prowling NYC

NYPD tracks crazed robber who took bites out of Victim



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    This is the man police say attacked a cabbie by biting him.

    The passenger asked to go to The Bronx, not Transylvania. But when livery driver Mouhamodou Seck took him there, instead of paying the fare the man took out a gun -- and then bared his teeth.

    When the gun misfired and a struggle started the perp launched his choppers at the driver's neck. Then the crazed passenger ran off with neither the gun nor any cash.
    The victim has been driving for 24 years and has faced back seat robbers four times. All had guns, he says, and none has gotten a dollar.
    Once he says he simply drove to a police precinct stationhouse and deposited that hapless criminal with NYPD blue.
    But this toothy tough-guy was was a first, he says.

    "I wasn't thinking about the pain," Seck said, "just trying to grab the gun and hold it and get the crazy man out of my car."
    Ever since the March 13th robbery-turned-bizarro-world incident, it's Seck, the hack, who has been feeling the pain, however. Bitten in the neck, arm, head and back, he's showing scars to prove the encounter with an otherworldly criminal.
    NYPD detectives released a picture of the suspect, taken from a security camera in the cab. Anyone who sees him is advised to call 911 at once while staying outside chomping range.

    "It's crazy," said one man near where the ride to vampire-ville began in Harlem, "this is a guy who needs to get some help."