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Guest Says She Was Bitten by Bedbugs at Waldorf



    Guest Says She Was Bitten by Bedbugs at Waldorf

    It's a five-star hotel with six legs.

    A guest at the Waldorf Astoria in Midtown told theNew York Post that she was bitten by unseemly insects during a stay in at the luxury hotel.

    The guest, who does not want her identity revealed, says the bites she suffered the night of Sept. 25 left her with welts and rashes that forced her on anti-inflammatory Prednisone pills for a week, the newspaper reports.

    "We were grossed out," said the guest, who was visiting from Florida. 

    She got an upgrade and a free night at the hotel -- but she says that wasn't until hotel workers demanded to see her bites. 

    Waldorf officials investigated -- and said they couldn't find any bugs in the room.

    The allegations of bedbugs at the Waldorf comes days after reports of the creepy-crawly insects at offices of The Wall Street Journal and the Manhattan headquarters of News Corp., its parent company, on the fourth floor at 1211 Avenue of the Americas, according to a report on the paper's website. A spokeswoman for the company says a staff member for the financial weekly Barron's sparked the outbreak.

    "After a Barron's staffer … informed us of bedbugs inside his apartment building, we arranged to test the area around his desk," the spokeswoman told the Journal. "We found no bugs. Nor could we find any physical signs of bugs."

    Just to make sure, the company brought in bedbug-sniffing canines for a second opinion. Those dogs "did signal concerns," the spokeswoman said, and while officials still didn't find any "specific evidence of bugs," the company opted to steam clean and treat the area to prevent an infestation from emerging at a later time.