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Girl, 14, Escapes Thugs After Two Weeks Of Torture: Cops



    Girl, 14, Escapes Thugs After Two Weeks Of Torture: Cops
    Siede Preis
    The investigation is ongoing.

    Two men face serious charges after a 14-year-old girl they allegedly held captive and raped in a Brooklyn basement for two weeks escaped, according to published reports.

    Anthony King and Kevin Evans, both 24, were arrested on rape, kidnapping and sexual misconduct charges on Wednesday after the juvenile managed to flee a day earlier. The teenager was imprisoned from April 27 until May 11 when she escaped, authorities said.

    The girl identified Evans and King as the men who drugged, raped and beat her over and over again for 14 days, reports the Daily News.

    In addition to the other alleged crimes, the men burned the girl with a hot substance during her captivity, and cops believe it all happened in the basement of Evans' Crown Heights apartment. Police are looking for surveillance tape from a camera down the street, according to The New York Post.

    Evans allegedly picked up the victim and one of her teenage friends and brought them to New Jersey to do heroin, after which the 14-year-old victim was handcuffed to a chair in his basement, rendered immobile by some drug he gave her and confined there for two weeks, prosecutors said, reports the News. King later became an accomplice, they said.

    The girl, who drifted in and out of lucidity during her captivity, woke up earlier this week to discover she was no longer restrained to the chair and another woman was in the room, reports the News. When the woman told the girl they were alone in the home, she ran off and called her mother, who got in touch with police, according to the paper.

    While the victim had been reported missing prior to her getaway, authorities told the News she was known to be a substance abuser and a hooker who had vanished before. A police source told the paper she and her friend voluntarily got into the car with Evans to head to New Jersey, but once they returned to Crown Heights, the victim was "not allowed to leave."

    The men were arraigned Friday and are in custody on Rikers Island, the Brooklyn District Attorney's office told the Post. If convicted, they face up to 25 years in prison.