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Dog Named Cookie Goes Missing in NY Home Burglary

The heartbroken family is pleaded for the return of Cookie, a Shih Tzu Bichon mix



    Dog Named Cookie Goes Missing in NY Home Burglary

    A dog named Cookie went missing from a Long Island home that was burglarized on Monday, and the family is pleading for the return of their beloved pet.

    Homeowner Gus Lafkas said he returned to his Merrick home Monday afternoon to find his front door open. He called police, who went in the house and discovered valuables missing from the home, along with Cookie. 

    Lafkas' wife, Patty Lafkas, said she believes Cookie, a Shih Tzu Bichon mix, was stolen.

    "He's not the type of dog that would just run off," she said. "He's a homebody, always in the backyard or in the house with us. Definitely, somebody took him."

    Patty Lafkas said her two children were distraught over the loss of their dog, who was less than two years old.

    "I think it's sick. It's one thing to take a kid's XBox and a cell phone, and another thing to take their puppy," she said. 

    Gus Lafkas said his daughter was especially upset and that she's "constantly sad and crying whenever we go to our family room," where they used to keep Cookie. 

    "It's very emotional, to see the family room without the dog in it," he said. 

    Nassau County police said the burglars entered the house through a basement window, and made off with a flat screen TV, jewelry, an iPad, designer handbags and a video game system.

    The burglars then left through the front door.

    Cookie was wearing tags, the family said. 

    "If you have any heart at all -- any -- please return Cookie to our home," pleaded Patty Lafkas. "My children are heartbroken over this... please return him." 

    Police ask anyone with information about the dog to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS.