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Woman Plows Car Into Trader Joe's on Long Island, 15 Hurt



    Car Plows Into Trader Joe's, 15 Hurt

    See video from the scene just after the car crashed into the store on Long Island. (Published Friday, Dec. 6, 2013)

    Fifteen people were hurt after a woman plowed her car into a crowded Trader Joe's on Long Island, authorities said.

    The car slammed into the Trader Joe's on Long Beach Road in Nassau County Friday, pinning a man as it scattered broken glass, groceries and cash registers.

    "When the car came through, it was just like shattering glass, and the next thing we knew the registers were like dominoes and went down, 1-2-3," said Elizabeth Donnelly.

    Two people were seriously hurt; the rest had minor injuries. A rescue worker on scene said people had broken bones, bruises and head injuries. Some were knocked out.

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    A car crashed into a Trader Joe's supermarket in Westwood, N.J. Wednesday, slamming into a supermarket worker near the shopping cart corral and sending her through a store window, police say. Gus Rosendale reports.
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    Officials said it appeared the driver just lost control, but they were still investigating.

    A total of 12 people were taken to the hospital.