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Bus Driver Moons Neighbor in Heated Dispute Over Blocked Driveway

The driver has been dropped by his company after he dropped his pants to a neighbor



    Bus Driver Moons Neighbor in Squabble Over Blocked Driveway

    A New Jersey bus driver pulled his pants down and mooned a man angry about him blocking his driveway. Ray Villeda reports. (Published Wednesday, July 18, 2018)

    What to Know

    • A New Jersey man says he's been having issues with the church across his street because buses are constantly blocking his driveway

    • In an argument with a bus driver last Thursday, the driver dropped his pants and mooned the homeowner, the homeowner said

    • The church says there's no excuse for the driver mooning the neighbor

    A New Jersey homeowner angry about a bus blocking his driveway took his annoyance right up to the driver -- and got a shocking response in the form of a mooning.

    The homeowner on Academy Street in Belleville lives across the street from a church, and last Thursday, buses were lined up outside, blocking his driveway, he said. He went to complain to the driver.

    "'You're in the driveway, why don't you move the bus?'" the homeowner, who did not want to be identified, recalled saying to the driver. 

    "His response was, 'Are you going to use the driveway?'" said the homeowner. "I don't see the relevance in that." 

    Suddenly, the driver pulled his pants down, showing his buttocks. 

    "I couldn't believe it," the homeowner told News 4. "I mean, you're a bus driver transporting children that were standing across the street when you took your pants down." 

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    The driver got so heated he took the cellphone from the homeowner, but eventually threw it back to him, the homeowner said. 

    There's been an ongoing dispute between the homeowner and the church because of the buses blocking driveways: "It's a significant amount of time, anytime you leave a bus in the middle of the street -- one minute, two minutes, 10 minutes, still a long time," the homeowner said. 

    The church said it has designated spots out front but those happened to be taken last Thursday when the confrontation unfolded. A priest with St. Mary and Saint Mercurius Coptic Orthodox Church thinks the driver was provoked by the videotaping, but sees no excuse for the driver mooning the neighbor. 

    News 4 New York contacted one of the bus companies seen on the tape; they said the driver didn't work for them. The same company told partner NorthJersey.com that he was affiliated with another company and was fired.

    The mayor said he's tried to get a meeting together between the homeowner, the church and the bus companies -- but the homeowner and neighbors haven't been interested. 

    On Saturday, police plan to shut the street down and try to get everyone together to finally level the tension and squash the problem.  

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