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Boy, 3, on Way to NYC Birthday Party Badly Hurt in Cop Chase

A 3-year-old boy is in critical condition in a Philadelphia hospital after his family's car was slammed into by vehicles taking part in a high-speed police chase on Interstate 95.



    Young Boy Injured During Multi-State Chase Returns Home

    A 3-year-old boy who was injured after a suspect led police on a multi-state chase is back home with his family after being treated at the hospital. He is experiencing severe mood swings, memory loss, and is still in pain which will require ongoing medical care that isn't covered by insurance. His family is now fighting to get justice for David.

    (Published Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019)

    The man police accuse of being involved in a multi-state police chase that caused multiple injuries to officers and civilians remained on the loose Thursday afternoon.

    Dejuan Robinson, 20, is wanted by police in Delaware for questioning related to multiple homicides there. But he escaped police in South Philadelphia on Wednesday after a prolonged chase, authorities said.

    Meghan Stone-Kirts and her family were among those who didn't escape the mayhem that Robinson allegedly caused.

    Her husband and her 3-year-old son are in hospitals in Philadelphia recovering from serious injuries that occurred when they crashed on Interstate 95 as part of the chase.

    Stone-Kirts recalled to NBC10 in an interview how the car allegedly driven by Robinson sped by her, clipping off a side-view mirror. Then police cars came up from behind. The next thing she remembers, her car slammed into the side of the highway.

    "I remember seeing a black car coming up on the side and taking out my driver’s side mirror. Then five minutes later, a nightmare started. Five, six police cars were hitting us from every direction," the mother said. "We got pinned in. I ended up kicking in a passenger side window, just to get everybody out."

    Stone-Kirts said the family was traveling from Baltimore to New York City for a birthday celebration when their car was hit.

    Her son, David Tillman, is in critical condition at Children's Hospital with multiple skull fractures, a brain bleed and a spinal injury.

    "I’m torn between places. I want to be home with my daughter. I want to be here with my son. And I also want to be able to comfort my husband and know what’s going on. I can’t even get answers right now because he collapsed in the hospital here and he’s next door," Stone-Kirts said of her husband, who is also in a Philadelphia hospital. "It’s beyond a nightmare it’s like hell right now on earth."