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"Bouquet Bandit" to Cops: Banks Are Where the Cash Is



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    The suspect got away with an undisclosed amount of 100- and 50- dollar bills.

    The city's so-called "bouquet bandit'' told police he was broke because of drinking and drug use and targeted banks because "it's where the money is.''

    Edward Pemberton's handwritten statement was released Wednesday. He also told police he used plants as bank-robbery props to ward off suspicion. His statement said he swiped a potted plant off someone's stoop and carried it during a July 8 Manhattan bank holdup because he thought his dirty clothes might otherwise attract attention.

    Authorities say the 44-year-old Pemberton then used a flower bouquet to conceal a note demanding cash during a July 15 bank heist.

    He also was charged Wednesday with a 2008 bank robbery and an attempted 2009 bank robbery. He has pleaded not guilty to all.