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Cops Bust Hamptons Clubers - Even After Bouncers' Warning

Seven arrested on drug charges despite attempts to spoil narcotics op



    Cops Bust Hamptons Clubers - Even After Bouncers' Warning
    David Sutherland
    Some people were also arrested on marijuana charges.

    The security staff at a posh Southampton dance club tried to thwart drug busts by giving patrons the heads up that undercover cops were on the scene, but officers netted seven people on drug charges over Labor Day weekend anyway, police said. 

    Security staff made an announcement over the audio system and pointed out undercover officers to customers in an effort to spoil the busts, Southampton Town Police Sgt. James Kiernan told NBCNewYork.

    It didn't work out in their favor. Despite the announcement over the Neptune Beach Club loudspeaker and the pointed fingers, cops busted two patrons – Jose Vasquez, of Jackson Heights, and John Velasquez, of Elmont -- for peddling ketamine – a sedative known as "Special K" – to an undercover cop, police said.  

    Club manager Joseph Hennington and security manager Dennis Napolitan were both issued appearance tickets, because cops said they hindered government administration after security tried to botch the operation. They were not arrested, police said.

    Kiernan said the entire matter would be handed over to the State Liquor Authority.

    Cops arrested five patrons at other clubs, including Tavern and Beach Bar, in Southampton and Hampton Bays, respectively, over the holiday weekend on charges of distribution and possession of drugs ranging from cocaine to Ecstacy, BZP, PCP, Oxycodone, marijuana and Ketamine.

    It wasn't immediately known if any of the suspects had lawyers.