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Bloomberg: AZ Immigration Law "Puts Us All at Risk"

Congressional Dems take opposition to Capitol Hill



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    Protests Demand Boycott Over Arizona Immigration Policies

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg wrote an Op-Ed piece published in the Daily News today criticizing Arizona's new anti-immigration law, which will give police officers the authority to demand citizenship papers from anyone they think looks "illegal."

    Bloomberg said overseas travelers may be afraid to visit the state because of the strict law, amidst news of travelers "crossing Arizona off their vacation list."

    "While Arizona may suffer, as long as those visitors and investors still come to America, the country will be fine," he added.  "In fact, we hope more of them come to New York, where we would welcome them with open arms.

    On Wednesday, Congressional Democrats took to the steps of Congress to plea for the law to be overturned. Brooklyn Rep. Nydia Velazquez, chairwoman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, said that the group of House Democrats is united in opposition to the law.

    "It is irresponsible for any city, state or elected official to legalize racial profiling and discrimination," she said.  "This shortsighted law is a step backward in our nation's ongoing struggle to provide civil rights for all."

    Meanwhile, other opponents of the controversial Arizona law are using the Internet to mount massive boycotts of Arizona companies, including U-Haul and Best Western.

    But AriZona Beverages, another one of the boycotted businesses, is actually a New York-based company.  The tea business was started by two guys from Brooklyn and the company headquarters are based out of Long Island. 

    "We are very proud to be an American company with roots in New York," said AriZona Beverages founder and chairman Don Vultaggio, in a statement.  "We look forward to continuing to provide you with the high quality and value driven products we've been making for the last 18 years."