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Bloomberg Pays Shiva Visit to Kletzky Family

Mayor and police commissioner mourn with the family of 8-year-old slaying victim



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    Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly address reporters outside of the Kletzky home.

    Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly paid a shiva call at the home the Kletzky family on Monday night to support the family mourning the loss of 8-year-old Leibby who police say was abducted off the street, murdered and mutilated by a man he asked for directions. 

    "This is one of the saddest days in this city," Bloomberg told reporters outside their Borough Park home. "This is tragic."

    The mayor said New Yorkers should pray for the Kletzky family for their loss and pray that such a tragedy would not befall them.

    "The commissioner and I expressed our condolences to the parents and the grandparents and siblings, " Bloomberg said. "I don't know why sometimes God does some times does some things but it is what it is....I think we all should, before we go to bed, take a look at our children and recognize how lucky we are to have them. "

    Assemblymen Dov Hikind said the family's grief was so profound that  "you can't imagine unless you see them."  But Hikind also said the Kletzky's are  "overwhelmed with the nonstop outpouring of people."

    "You have to go back dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of years ago to find anything resembling  thhis.... this is a horror film -- thats what this is. This is brutality.  This is ugliness. This is everything that is bad in this world.  And its a family.  This is family is your average New York family."

    Meanwhile, attorneys for Levi Aron, the man accused of the horrific crime, said their client seeks to quiet the voices inside his head by listening to music. Aron met with his lawyers Monday at Bellevue Hospital, where he is being held in the prison unit. They described his demeanor as "abnormal."

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