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Beware of the Bear Up There

A bear has climbed up a tree in Dover, N.J.



    There's a bear up there! (Published Thursday, Oct. 29, 2009)

    A bear climbed up a willow tree in Dover, N.J. earlier this afternoon where it was seen eating bark.

    It wasn’t clear why the bear was up there or when it will get down, but police have sealed off the area with caution tape to keep the growing crowd of spectators away from the scene.

    Fire crews and New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife agents are also on the scene.

    The bear climbed up the tree at Route 46 and Ekstrom Street where he was seen eating bark. Traffic on Route 46 has been narrowed to two lanes.

    Bears are common in the area because under state law, New Jersey cannot hold a black bear hunts, which has led to the bear population multiplying.