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Bedbugs Make It to Carnegie Hall

Practice makes perfect



    Bedbugs Make It to Carnegie Hall
    A mother bedbug and her child. Bedbugs have attacked a popular Times Square movie theater. The AMC Empire 25 was sprayed for the pests overnight and reopened Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2010.

    After plenty of practice invading movie theaters, department stores, apartments, tourist attractions, hotels and offices over the last few months, bedbugs have made it to the most prestigious concert venue in New York City -- Carnegie Hall.

    The renowned performance hall is being treated for bedbugs, but the good news for patrons is that the bloodsucking creepy crawlers never infested the auditoriums, a Carnegie Hall spokesperson told Gothamist.

    "Since the summer, Carnegie Hall has been undertaking monthly preventative searches for bedbugs, using a canine unit," spokesperson Synneve Carlino said in a statement obtained by Gothamist. "There have been no bedbugs found in any of Carnegie Hall’s three auditoriums. In our monthly backstage search last week, we found evidence of bedbugs in some employee lockers and in an isolated location backstage."

    "We immediately treated these areas, and asked employees to remove their belongings from the lockers for two weeks, the time necessary to ensure a complete treatment. Given the reports of bedbugs throughout the city, we will be continuing to conduct screenings throughout the building on an ongoing basis."

    Meanwhile, city officials fear the widespread infestation could dampen the Empire State's $30 billion tourism industry. Some travelers who had arranged trips to New York say they are creeped out about staying in hotels and visiting attractions as new reports of bedbugs seem to pop up every few days.