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Bear Causes Stir at Connecticut Bus Stop



    There’s a bear on the loose in New Britain, Conn., and he, or she, gave some students quite a shock Monday as they waited for the bus to take them to their very first day for school for the year.

    As the bear roamed in the Slater Road area, students ran in the opposite direction. The bear scampered away, across the street, behind some houses. After inciting panic, it bear eventually wandered off into the woods, leaving students with quite a bear story to share with classmates.

    The bear was spotted near Pulaski Middle School, so school administrators were left with a rather unusual situation to deal with and decided to forgo outdoor recess and keep students inside Monday.

    A New Britain police officer said the bear has been in the area for a while. He, or she, did not hurt anyone but the bear did put a scare into some people.

    Officials from the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection said they will pursue the bear if it returns to a residential area. The bear was last seen heading for Batterson Park. 

    The bear spottings did not end there. Other people contacted NBC Connecticut later in the day about bear spottings in nearby communities.