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It's a Boy! April the World-Famous Giraffe Gives Birth Again

April became a viral sensation when the park set up a livestream of her during her pregnancy in 2017



    Watch April the Giraffe's Newest Calf Stand, Take First Steps

    April the world-famous giraffe gave birth to her fifth calf on Saturday. Watch the little one stand for the first time and take a few wobbly steps under its mom.

    (Published Saturday, March 16, 2019)

    April, the beloved upstate New York giraffe whose extra-long pregnancy went viral in 2017, gave birth to another male calf on Saturday. 

    A livestream video showed the miracle of birth to more than a quarter million people at about 12: 45 p.m. 

    Afterward, April licked her newborn's long neck as the calf rested next to her. It wasn't long, about 45 minutes, before she nudged the little one to stand and her calf took a few wobbly steps underneath its long-legged mama. The baby was nursing just about an hour after birth.

    This is April's fifth calf, and the first since April became a viral sensation.

    April and Oliver: A Giraffe Love Story

    [NY] April and Oliver: A Giraffe Love Story

    It sounds like a tall tale, but this giraffe romance has managed to captivate the world for more than a month.

    (Published Friday, March 31, 2017)

    "Success! With an average 15-month gestation, we are thankful to have a healthy calf on the ground, nursing and bonding with mom," animal park owner Jordan Patch said. "With wild giraffe numbers plummeting annually, every calf born counts."

    Fans will be able to see the little one face to face when Animal Adventure Park opens for the season on May 1.

    The park set up a livestream of her during her pregnancy in 2017 but it dragged on for weeks, drawing intense speculation and millions of eyeballs. Finally, people across the world watched the birth of the calf, who was dubbed Tajiri, on April 15.

    The 2017 birth went well — zoo owner Jordan Patch told the more than 2 million viewers watching on Facebook that everything went "absolutely perfect" and the staff "couldn't have planned it better." 

    Tajiri's father, Oliver, is also the father of the calf being delivered now.

    In February, the zoo promised that this pregnancy was advancing and predicted a delivery before the end of March — the it noted in a Facebook post, "But hey - we’ve been wrong before."

    Last week, zoo owner Jordan Patch promised to "literally wipe egg from my face" if the pregnancy reached April. 

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