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New York City and the nation mark 16 years since the Sept. 11 attacks

9/11 Victim Flags to Go Up For Anniversary



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    Nearly 3,000 flags bearing the names of 9/11 victims will go up in a park near ground zero during the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

    John Michelotti, a former engineer from Greenwich, Conn. who came up with the idea, says NYC Memorial Field will be open Sept. 8-12.

    Only victims' families will have access to the new 9/11 memorial on Sept. 11 so Michelotti wants others to also have a place to reflect on the tragic events.

    The flags will be mounted on 7 ½-foot-tall poles, low enough for visitors to hold and read the names.

    Michelotti has previously displayed several hundred Flags of Honor in Battery Park.

    He says the city parks department has granted a permit for the flags. A call to the agency wasn't immediately returned.