83-Year Old Beats 99-Year Old With "The Club" - NBC New York

83-Year Old Beats 99-Year Old With "The Club"



    Despite their combined age of 182, two feisty New Yorkers should be kept far, far apart after a recent skirmish in Sheepshead Bay.

    Gersh Goffman, 83 years young, stands accused of beating 99-year old Steve Pulwers with "The Club" - the steering wheel anti-theft device - in a dispute earlier this week.

    Pulwers, who is nearly blind, was left with a broken nose and cracked ribs after a beating spurred by his asking the younger Gofman to move his car, "which was blocking his building's driveway," according to Sheepshead Bites.

    His wife, 74-year old Josefa Pulwers, told reporters that the attack itself wasn't even the part Pulwers remembers most vividly. Rather, he told her he was even more shocked when he thought he was being attacked by another Jew. Pulwers is a survivor of Stalin's corrective labor camps.

    Gofman was arrested on charges of assault in the second degree and criminal possession of a weapon - The Club. Pulwers was sent to an area hospital where we he was fixed up and sent on his way. His 100th birthday is in late March.