No Shootings in Nearly a Year in Formerly Violent Brooklyn Neighborhood

Many residents in a section of East New York are relaxing and enjoying themselves outside in their neighborhood for what feels like the first time in years.

"The kids need to run around and play freely without worrying about ducking down," said Lilly Plummer, who was at a playground with her daughter and grandson Friday afternoon.

It's been 363 days since someone was shot in a 20-block section of this area in Brooklyn, according to community leaders, down from nine last year.

Many are celebrating the milestone.

"We've been working really hard collectively, as a community, to keep it calm, keep it peaceful," said Andre Mitchell, the founder of the anti-crime organization Man Up.

Along with the NYPD's crime-fighting efforts, Man Up has been credited with cleaning up the streets by sending volunteers out to address anger through mediation instead of bullets. The targeted outreach started last year.

"We've been pouring on all kinds of services with them, job readiness services, housing services, we've been helping them get employments," Mitchell said.


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