2 of America's Best Burgers Under $10 Are in the Tri-State Area, Report Says

A Connecticut lunch spot and a Manhattan burger counter made the list

What to Know

  • Two burgers in the tri-state area made The Daily Meal's list of the best burgers under $10 in America
  • The cheeseburger at Burger Joint in Manhattan topped the list
  • The "Original Burger" at Louis' Lunch in New Haven clinched the fifth spot on the list

A Connecticut lunch spot that claims to be the “birthplace of the hamburger sandwich” and a burger counter tucked away in a New York City hotel serve up two of the best cheap burgers in America, a report says.

The cheeseburger at Burger Joint, an eatery hidden behind a curtain inside the Parker New York Hotel in midtown Manhattan, topped The Daily Meal’s “Best Burgers for Under $10” ranking.

The “Original Burger,” at Louis' Lunch in New Haven, clinched the fifth spot on the list.

“This is a very simple burger, folks,” The Daily Meal said of Burger Joint’s cheeseburger. “And in a very satisfying setting: a fancy hotel’s corner pocket of dive bar with scribbles on the wall, signs asking you not to scribble on the wall, bare booths, paper wrapping… and buns taken straight out of the bag.”

Louis’ Lunch’s burger, meanwhile, is a “flame-broiled burger” topped with cheese, tomato and onion that evokes nostalgia, the outlet wrote.

The eatery has been serving “classic hamburger sandwiches” to patrons since it opened in 1895, it says on its website. 

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