2 Charged with Stealing Wheels from New Mercedes Benz: NYPD

Two Brooklyn men were arrested Sunday in connection with the theft of the wheels from a spanking new Mercedes Benz last week, police said.

A surveillance camera captured images of the thieves on Monday as they used a jack to hoist the car off the ground and rest the vehicle on garbage. They then removed lug nuts one by one and rolled the tires away.

Once the tires were off, the thieves removed the jack and dropped the car to the ground.

Cars and even a sanitation truck passed by as the thieves labored over the tires.

"They're so nonchalant about it," said car owner Nicole Peluso, of Williamsburg, after seeing the video.

Police arrested Anthony Colon, 27, and Julian Soto, 23, in connection with the thefts. Both are charged with grand larceny, officers said.

Peluso said she'd saved up for years to buy the car. There was less than 2,000 miles on it. 

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