2 Teens Hurt in Car Crash at Floyd Bennett Field - NBC New York

2 Teens Hurt in Car Crash at Floyd Bennett Field

The young men face reckless endangerment charges



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    National Park Service
    New York City’s first municipal airport, Floyd Bennett Field is considered a historical treasure.

    Two teens could face reckless endangerment charges for a car accident at New York City's first municipal airport that landed both young men in the hospital.

    NYPD investigators say the two 18-year-old men were driving at "a high rate of speed" at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, at around 9:30 p.m. Sunday. But investigators stopped short of saying that the teens were drag racing.

    Nevertheless, the two cars, both Infinitis, collided and one of the vehicles flipped, cops said.

    One of the men is in critical condition and the other is in serious condition at two area hospitals.

    Drugs and alcohol are not considered a factor.

    The accident happened on a public road at Floyd Bennett Field, which is under control of the National Park Service.

    Floyd Bennett Field holds a hallowed place in aviation history.  It is the point of departure for various record breaking flights from Amelia Earhart to Howard Hughes.