Wallet Lost in Times Square With $4,000 Inside Miraculously Gets Returned to Owner

NBC Universal, Inc.

New York City may have a reputation as a tough and cutthroat city, but every now and again comes a story that will restore faith in humanity for even the most cynical among us.

A man from Honduras lost his wallet Wednesday morning as he was walking through the always-busy and tourist-laden Times Square. The wallet belonged to Eduardo Martinez, who said he dropped it as he was rushing to work near Broadway and West 49th Street.

Aside from the standard wallet items, there was $4,000 in cash inside when Martinez said he lost it.

He later returned to the area and frantically searched for the missing wallet, when two officers saw him and approached. They had been given a wallet by a woman who said she found it while she too was commuting around the same time as Martinez.

After matching the identification, the officers gave Martinez his wallet back — and miraculously, all $4,000 was still inside.

Martinez said in Spanish said that there are still honest people out there, and that he was very grateful for the woman and police for helping him.

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