Reporters' Notebook: Inside the Polls, the Parties, the Races | NBC New York
Reporters' Notebook: Inside the Polls, the Parties, the Races

Long Island Rough on Dems

One Suffolk County Democrat looked at the election tally boards and uttered what many had to be thinking: "I am glad I'm not running  this year." The numbers told of a tough night for incumbent Democrats.  On Long Island's East end, incumbent Congressman Tim Bishop, targeted by the GOP, appears to have withstood a spirited challenge from Republican Randy Altschuler. 
Another incumbent Democratic congresswoman is in the fight of her political life. With roughly a quarter of the vote in, Nassau's Carolyn McCarthy helds a slim lead over Republican county legislator Fran Becker.  A McCarthy defeat would end a political career that began after her husband was murdered in the LIRR massacre. One Democrat whose term in office appears up is state senator Brian Foley.  The Brookhaven lawmaker is being soundly beaten by GOP challenger Lee Zeldin. Zeldin had criticized Foley for his support of the MTA payroll tax and the elimination of STAR property tax rebates and it resonated with voters. Foley's defeat could tilt the NY state senate to GOP control.  Democrats held only a two seat edge going into this election.
-- Greg Cergol

Carl Paladino Says Batter Away in Buffalo

They've handed out the press credential at Carl Paladino Headquarters, and it fits his campaign's personality. It's a photo of the Buffalo businessman in an old-time baseball uniform. He's holding three bats-- a clear reference to The Republican's campaign boast that he would "take a bat to Albany." 
-- Andrew Siff

Donovan Makes the Scene with a Lady He Loves

A confident-sounding Dan Donovan walked into the New York Hilton arm in arm with a woman very close to his heart -- his elderly mom, Katherine. She spoke softly when reporters asked for a comment, prompting Donovan to say that his mother was declaring victory.   Donovan said he wasn't concerned about Carl Paladino being a drag on the ticket, saying that New Yorkers know how to split their votes.  He also said that he saw high voter turnout today and feels optimistic.
-- Alice McQuillan

Shelly Silver: I'm Confident I Can Work with Cuomo

Sheldon Silver, Speaker of the Assembly, on the election of  Andrew Cuomo: "I am very confident I will be able to work closely with the new governor. Andrew Cuomo and I have worked closely on many issues, including health care."   Silver also said he expects the Assembly to remain under tight Democratic control:  "We don't have final figures yet but I am sure too that we will retain a significant Democratic majority in the Assembly."
-- Gabe Pressman

How's Koch Doing? He's Delighted

Former Mayor Edward Koch, who led the New York Uprising reform movement before this election, told me just now that he was "delighted" with the results. He said that he was confident that Cuomo and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and the leaders of the Senate would work harmoniously on passing ethics reforms and other controversial bills.
-- Gabe Pressman

Two Stages Were Set Up at McMahon's HQ

The Connecticut Convention Center is still quiet with the exception of press crews scrambling to set up, but it appears the well-funded Senate campaign of Linda McMahon  spared no expense on the party. They were ready to celebrate with two stages: one for Linda, another for a band.  A spokesman for McMahon had said they're confident, that it all comes down to voter turnout and so far turnout was been good in key areas including the 4th and 5th Congressional districts.
-- Erika Tarantal


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