Stores Say Stockpiles Healthy as Shoppers Make Run on Supplies

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Grocery stores have reported a run on some essential supplies once again as the coronavirus explodes across the country.

As word of a fast-moving infectious virus spread at the beginning of March, nervous shoppers packed carts with canned goods, cleaning products and toilet paper. Grocery stores and food delivery services were quickly overwhelmed by the sudden spike in goods not commonly pulled off shelves all at once.

Can't find toilet paper anywhere? Follow these steps to make your own using items you may already have at home.

The spike in cases, hospitalizations and deaths across the entirety of the U.S. has health officials urging Americans to skip the upcoming holidays. As many states echo those messages and bring back incremental restrictions, worries of another rush on grocery store staples have returned. So far, that hasn't been seen widespread.

In New York City, shelves for the most part look the same they have for months. On the east side, Gristedes had plenty of essentials left on its shelves.

"Stock up, don't hoard it," said owner John Catsimatidis. "We have enough supplies right now and everything should go okay."

He added the usual warning that customers should buy Thanksgiving Day items early in case stores cannot restock before the holiday.

The Seattle Times reported a rush on toilet paper Sunday, as Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced a wave of sweeping restrictions aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19. Empty shelves normally stocked with toilet paper were found in chain stores like Safeway, QFC and Costco, the paper found.

The Costco located south of downtown Seattle put out a whiteboard with its out-of-stock list: paper towels, disinfectant wipes, Kleenex products in addition to a depleted toilet paper stock.

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