Pharmacy Requires All Customers to Wear Gloves, Facemasks Just to Enter Store

A sign on the door of a Brooklyn pharmacy says that all customers must be wearing masks or gloves to enter, while another stipulates only three customers are allowed inside at one time

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Everyone's heard of no shirt, no shoes, no service — but what about no mask, no gloves, no service?

With fears of coronavirus already rampant and government orders strictly limiting the number of people inside, some businesses are instituting their own measures to protect their workers and customers.

In Brooklyn, one pharmacy has posted some pretty strict rules for those looking to shop or pick up their prescriptions there. A sign on the door of AAA Pharmacy and Medical Supply, near the intersection of Kings Highway and Ocean Avenue, says that all customers must be wearing masks or gloves to enter.

Another rule stipulates that only three people are allowed inside the store at one time. These signs posted on the glass door, indicating a sign of the times the city is now living in.

A security officer inside the store did not wish to speak with NBC New York regarding the policy, nor did any of the employees working. It was not clear if News 4 would be allowed to enter the store.

Despite the extreme measure, customers actually seem happy with the rules. The security guard and even the pharmacists inside were all abiding by the facemask and gloves rule as well.

One customer told NBC New York the changes went into effect last week, as New York City first entered into its current state of by-in-large isolation. 

"I just came here at the end of the day and the security guard politely told me from now on I can enter the drug store with a mask and gloves on, and if I didn’t have them they would provide them," one customer wearing a mask said. She noted that they did provide gloves for her, although she was already wearing a mask.

New York City's Small Business Services says “in general, businesses should encourage healthy hygiene habits and etiquette.” However, they stress that "the NYC Health Department does not recommend the routine use of face masks if you are not sick.  Face masks are not needed for general or routine tasks by staff – even those who frequently interact with the public."

Even with the somewhat Draconian measure, customers agreed that the extraordinary circumstances generated by the COVID-19 pandemic have people wanting to feel safe and not risking exposure.

When asked if the masks made her feel safe, one woman told News 4 she wasn't even wearing one so much for her, but for others' sake.

"Honestly? I do it to respect other people."

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