The Lehman Bankruptcy At A Glance

Best observation:

It might be a good idea to expand the maximum check-box answers on the form for:

Estimated Number of Creditors (Over 100,000).
Estimated Assets (More than 1 Billion).
Estimated Liabilities (More than 1 Billion).

Potential Inaccuracies:

"Does the debtor own or have possession of any property that poses or is alleged to pose a threat of imminent and identifiable harm to public health or safety?" Yes [ ] No [X].

(Though, I suppose it is possible Dick Fuld has been fired, and this is why his ego is not triggering this provision).

Most Potentially Screwed Creditors:

CitiBank, Bank of New York (jointly): "Approximately $138 billion" in "Bond Debt."
Bank of New York (solely): $17 billion.
Aozora Bank, Ltd., Tokyo: $463 million.

Country Other Than The United States With Most Potentially Screwed Creditors:

Japan- about $1.6 billion. (First the real estate in the 80s, now this, HAH!)

Best "That About Sums It Up" Figures:

Total Assets: $639 billion. (AHEM!)
Total Liabilities: $613 billion.

Most Obvious Equity Pain:

Name / % of Common Stock Held
AXA and related parties / 7.25%
ClearBridge Advisors, LLC and related parties / 6.33%
FMR LLC and related parties / 5.87%

Method For The Very Broker-Dealish Lehman To Avoid Chapter 7?

File at the holding company level?

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