Use This One Simple Rule to Help You Save More Money in a Volatile Market

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People want to save more and spend less. Getting into the habit of spending less can have long-term advantages on your finances. Those important habits can build up over time, becoming part of a financially advantageous routine.

The idea is to reward yourself, which is a powerful tool in motivating you into changing harmful spending habits, according to Charles Duhigg, author of the book "The Power of Habit."

Many people struggle with the idea of working toward big savings goals such as retirement, college for their children or even building up a small emergency fund, Duhigg told CNBC.

"If you are trying to save money, it is essential that you come up with some weekly routine where you reward yourself," Duhigg said. And that reward doesn't have a big price tag attached to it. 

Check out this video and discover the most effective ways to reward yourself for saving and for a breakdown on how you can both treat yourself — and put three to four times more money into your pocket.

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