Levi's Supports Gay Marriage with White Ribbons

Levi's has long been a gay-friendly company, but now they're announcing their support for same-sex marriage in their windows. The brand has adopted the White Knot for Equality, which is exactly like the red AIDS ribbon or the pink breast cancer ribbon except that it's white and tied in a knot.

Media consultant Frank Voci came up with the idea last fall, when Prop 8 was passed in California. Now that the proposition has been upheld, the Levi's campaign seems incredibly timely. The brand has pinned the knots to mannequins at their stores in New York, LA, Chicago and San Francisco. Rather than adding signs explaining the symbol, though, they're waiting for customers to ask about it -- sales associates in all the stores have been briefed on the message.

The company, by the way, is utterly candid about the fact that the knots are as much a marketing idea as a political statement.

"Our design team was seeking something that would resonate beyond just fashion but also fit with our white product theme," a VP tells the New York Times.

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