Forget Tiffany, It's Breakfast At Apple

Apparently, iPhones are a girl’s new best friend. Fast Company reported this morning that Apple is the highest grossing retailer on Fifth Avenue, pulling in $35,000 per square foot annually; trampling Tiffany & Co.’s $18k and Harry Winston’s $12,000.

Would Holly Golightly have chosen the Apple’s glittering glass and steel cube over Tiffany for her case of the mean, mean reds if it had been around in 1958? Probably not, but today’s shoppers sure are.

The store attracts visitors 24-hours-a-day and the launch of a new product still forms lines around the block. Forget breakfast, Apple devotees are even willing to wait overnight to get their hands on the latest gadget. If the all fanboy panting about Apple's tablet is any indication, this trend isn't likely to end anytime soon.
It's been suggested in some marketing circles that Apple bottle its stores clean metallic scent the way that, say Tiffany bottles a flowery one. Which begs the question, what if Tiffany became more like Apple? Maybe it could even have a YouTube sensation of its very own.

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