Yonkers to Lay Off Hundreds to Cut $16M Budget Gap - NBC New York

Yonkers to Lay Off Hundreds to Cut $16M Budget Gap



    Under the Tucson Sun
    As the supply of jobs dries up, those on the demand side are facing increased competition for what's left.

    Officials in Westchester County's largest city, Yonkers, say they'll need to lay off city workers to eliminate a $16 million budget gap.

      Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone said Friday that he plans to lay off 76 full-time city workers and about 75 part-time workers to balance the budget. The proposed cuts also include 28 demotions.
    The full time layoffs include 11 police and six firefighters, as well as 46 members of the Department of Public Works.
    Amicone told reporters he is also asking the City Council to raise a number of fees, from building permits to professional licenses, as the city looks to generate new revenue going into the next budget year.